After an infamous ice storm downed acres of trees, four wood and waste-not minded friends started Windfall to mill the timber into lumber for people across the region.  Since then, Windfall Architectural Products has grown in size and breadth.  And, we continue to make our products with reclaimed, salvaged and FSC certified wood.  Products include Wall Cladding, Engineered Panels, Countertops, Tabletops, Metalwork, and Flooring.

A Claro Walnut End Grain tabletop was installed at a Minneapolis senior living center with spectacular results.

As illustrated above, Windfall Architectural Products designs and manufacturers a wide variety of horizontal wood products, including tabletops, countertops, bartops, and other surfaces.

Wall Cladding for an array of vertical surfaces is available in many wood species, including Douglas Fir, Red Alder, and many others.

Windfall Architectural Products' new Cambio Wall System incorporates revolutionary new technology to create wall surfaces that install quickly and easily.


Blossom Workspace

A new take on the sit/stand desk