TorZo Surfaces, a division of Specialty Polymers, Inc., creates innovative interior surfacing solutions that not only offer beautiful and unique aesthetic choices with proven toughness and durability, but also maintains a clear focus on providing sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions for any vertical, horizontal, and specialty interior surfacing requirements.  Located in Woodburn, OR, TorZo combines a long history of state-of-the-art chemical engineering expertise with the fashion/design demands of the commercial interior design industry to create new and innotive design opportunities.

Incorporating "The Art of Infusion:, an exclusive process which infuses industrial composite board with an acrylic polymer, TorZo has developed a portfolio of panels that are based on organic elements, such as wood and agricultural fiber.  Torzo panels contribute to LEED qualification in a variety of different categories.

TorZo Surfaces panels are suitable for virtually any interior surfacing application.