Bartop from TorZo's Balsa Onyx pattern

The Torzo story began in the 1980's when founder Ray Southwell was approached to develop a low maintenance boat deck coating that could withstand the harsh marine environment of the Pacific Northwest.  Over two decades later, TorZo remains an innovative manufacturer of LEED  quality interior architectural surfacing materials made with renewable and sustainable substrates.

X-Core Cross Laminated Surfaces

Olympia brings what lies beneath the surface to the forefront.  Upcycled from the construction waste stream, Olympia re-enters as an architectural surface with a higher calling.

Processing recycled FSC certified plywood and diverting it from the waste stream, TorZo creates unique and innovative surfacing material that reflects the beauty and warmth of its natural highlights and the shadows of its grain structure.

Layered construction offers strength and durability for use as wall cladding, tabletops, flooring, retail displays, and virtually any interior surfacing opportunity.

Pacifica embodies the rugged shorelines and timber heritage of the Pacific Northwest.  Recycled jobsite wood waste is rescued by TorZo and reconstructed into a unique and durable architectural surfacing material.

All recycled wood chips are FSC certified, and there is no added urea formandehyde in the reconstruction process.

Striata panels begin as lvl (laminated veneer lumber) structural beams, made from premium 100% Northwest Douglas Fir.  These beams are typically destined to be hidden behind sheetrock, laminated and painted as solid core doors, or used as scaffold planking.

Through TorZo's proprietary process, these structural beams are transformed into visutally stunning panels with proven durability and performance in a wide variety of surfacing applications.

Additional TorZo Surfaces products, such as their Balsa panels, can be reviewed at  Samples and information are available by contacting