Architectural glass manufacturing and fabrication is a multi-step process, requiring skill, know-how, and time.  Bendheim's skilled workers and advanced production facilities - combining all major architectural glass fabrication processes - ensure the finest quality and on-time delivery.  Etched, back-painted, mirrored, mouth-blown, and decorative laminated glass in tempered, laminated and flat constructions combine to make up the  leading portfolio of glass surfaces in the industry.

Vivid color, in varying degrees of tranlucency/opacity, makes Bendheim glass an integral element in commercial interior spaces.  Custom colors are not a problem, even in small quantities.

A primary benefit of incorporating glass into any interior design concept is an inherent ability to offer privacy and division of space, while allowing light to be an element of the environment.  Bendheim has an extensive portfolio of solutions that can be used to shape and define unique interior experiences.

A century of experience in exploring the capabilities and aesthetics of decorative glass makes Bendheim a valuable partner for anyone wishing to create an unforgettable experience in any interior environment.

-backpainted glass

-mirrored glass

-etched glass

-laminated glass

-textured glass

-artisanal mouth blown glass

-digitally printed glass

-dry erase marker boards